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Team Alignment

Catalyst Team Alignment with 
Offsite Facilitation & Team Coaching

We love to use the power of facilitation and team coaching to enable, provoke, encourage, catalyse and cause shifts and create break-throughs! 

As highly skilled facilitators and team coaches, we leverage a wide variety of participatory methodologies and approaches to impact attitudes, behaviours, relationships and produce meaningful results.

We expertly weave in change management, organisational development practices, appreciative enquiry, solution-focused thinking, action-reflection learning, NLP and world café techniques, team coaching and organisational psychology methods.

Our facilitators are selected with the right fit with the Client's culture and are trained in professional facilitation skills. Gina and Catalyst are often sought by high-performance team experts and team-building firms to partner with them to support client offsites. We are guided by the IAF's Core Competencies.

Client Examples

Below are the four client examples of how we deliver our facilitation services. Get in touch with us today to discuss your team's and off-site's objectives and requirements.

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Large Group Regional Offsite:
Aligning Culture & Vision

Regional Team Luxury Retail Brand Case:

Problem: How do we create a mindset-shift, engage and align 60 regional store managers, our Country and HQ Managers to "Empower Our Vision"?

We advised on an integrated, powerful 2.5 days regional offsite for this French luxury brand.

Our facilitation included participatory methods to involve, engage and inspire. The off-site ran in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean. Enthusiastic participants created a vision for themselves, their stores, and solving challenging issues with out-of-box thinking. The offsite lay the foundation for renewed energy and brand identity whilst providing a foundation for new ways of thinking. 

Healthcare Offsite:

The offsite ran in Taiwan with 250 employees following an employee engagement survey. Catalyst designed the offsite around key themes like trust, collaboration, conflict, formulated participatory processes and briefed the internal and external team of table facilitators and the leadership team on their respective roles. The outcome was both an experience of “being one team” whilst creating a road-map for the future.

Executive Leadership Teams:
Realizing Purpose, Performance & Leadership 

International Hotel Group Case_Team Coaching:

Problem: Experienced regional Leadership Team, missing business and leadership opportunities. As part of a strategic planning off-site, the regional MD wanted a facilitated Leadership Development session with his seasoned and very experienced leadership team.


Catalyst redesigned the entire off-site agenda, built-in peer coaching and facilitated a 1-day session that enabled the executive team to realign as a team, define purposeful goals for each leader, the team and the business as a foundation for business planning.

Global Insurance Company Case_with Team Coaching:

Problem: Two seasoned, experienced Leadership Teams, from two culturally different regions simply were not working together.


They needed to create breakthroughs to align, build trust, agree on common goals and co-create ways of working to secure a greater strategic future. Working with a network partner, we facilitated 2-day strategic planning and team coaching off-site that addressed the underlying issues of trust and enabled the wisdom and potential of the leadership teams to be realised. 

Work Presentation

Facilitation Training

Case: Enabling IT Country Managers to be Facilitators  

Working directly with the CIO, Catalyst customized and facilitated a workshop to enable a regional IT management team to build their facilitation skills to become true business partners. They cascaded those skills to their teams. 


Enabling Regional HR Teams to be Facilitators Cases: Sourcing & Media Firms

The Asia Pacific HR Team in both of these companies wanted to be trusted advisors and business partners. They learned and experienced the power of being able to facilitate HR forums, employee engagement session, line manager meetings on talent management issues and facilitate organizational and employee-related conversations in an empowering manner.

Facilitated Conversations

Case:  International Law Firm: Partner Team Coaching & Conflict Resolution

Problem: Conflict crisis between founding Partners.  Designed and facilitated a team coaching and conflict resolution off-sites with senior Partners who were tasked to establishing the Firm in Asia. It was imperative that the design took into account cultural, interpersonal and professional differences in order to align both parties to enable them to successfully build the Practice. Both parties requested follow-on sessions and agreed to work together. Today the Firm is one of the most successful, award-winning Law Firms in Asia. 

What Our Clients Say

“The facilitation of the program was world class with the Catalyst facilitator utilizing her considerable skills to engage the audience and ensure that our learning objectives were achieved. The facilitator was not only flexible and able to adapt instantly to the needs of the group, but was also able to analyze the program and make adjustments to bring the program further in line with our objectives.

The program will now be incorporated into our management training curriculum

at other international locations.”

Manager, Investment Bank University

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