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About the Book

The Impactful Leadership: Unlock your Power with CABI™  book is packed with client stories and strategies. More than 15 workshop and coaching exercises and 12 reflection activities enable you to dramatically discover and deepen your authentic impact and presence. You will be guided from the Introduction chapter through all 7 chapters.


The book also includes reference notes, extra resources, and testimonials about the CABI™ model. We also acknowledge the extensive community who have all contributed to the CABI™ model, the workshop programs and this book.

Part 1: “Emerging”

You are supported by two core chapters to define yourself as a leader and discover your voice.

Part 2: “Discovering CABI™” guides you through the elements of CABI™ across four chapters: Confidence and Courage, Articulating with Impact, Branding and Inquiry.

We believe that once you have mastered CABI™ your leadership will have emerged and thus you will feel naturally compelled to enable others to find their authentic voice and discover their leadership.

Part 3: “Enabling”, a final chapter all about using CABI™ to make a difference with others.


The book is a direct pathway to authentic impact & presence, regardless of personality preferences, cultural background, situation, or the various stakeholders and situations that you need a voice for and be able to perform on.

Begin your journey to discover your CABI™ and your unique leadership voice!

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Praise for “Impactful  Leadership: Unlock your Power with CABI™”


Joanne Ho
Chief Operating Officer, Fung Academy,
Fung Group

The CABI™ model Gina shares in this book has been instrumental in enhancing my leadership and results. Gina’s proven insights, methods and tools will help any leader who is looking to play to their strengths, getting to the next level and inspiring others. The stories, reflections, exercises, etc. in the book have made it a very enjoyable read.

Joanne Ho.jpg

Melissa McNiven
Real Estate Director,
Co-chair D&I Comms, Entrepreneur

The CABI™ model was integral in my finding my voice and having an impact. CABI™ is a clear and thoughtful process which provided a clear pathway to achieving my goals and the techniques I learned through my coaching and training are now in this book.


USD $ 25

Print Book
USD $ 29.98

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