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The audio book is beautifully read by Dr. Chérie. Listen to the Introduction Chapter below and let us take you on your journey to discover your CABI™ and your unique leadership voice.  


Audio Book Preview

Introduction Chapter (00:10:43)

Only USD $ 25.00

About the Audio Book

Impactful Leadership: Unlock your Power with CABI™  is packed with client stories and strategies. More than 15 workshop and coaching exercises and 12 reflection activities enable you to dramatically discover and deepen your authentic impact and presence. You will be guided from the Introduction chapter through all 7 chapters.

Part 1: “Emerging”

You are supported by two core chapters to define yourself as a leader and discover your voice.

Part 2: “Discovering CABI™” guides you through the elements of CABI™ across four chapters: Confidence and Courage, Articulating with Impact, Branding and Inquiry.

We believe that once you have mastered CABI™ your leadership will have emerged and thus you will feel naturally compelled to enable others to find their authentic voice and discover their leadership.

Part 3: “Enabling”, a final chapter all about using CABI™ to make a difference with others.


The book is a direct pathway to authentic impact & presence, regardless of personality preferences, cultural background, situation, or the various stakeholders and situations that you need a voice for and be able to perform on.

Praise for “Impactful  Leadership: Unlock your Power with CABI™”


A must read for people who want to be a leader. The book and CABI™ model translates leadership concepts and skills into an easy to understand and actionable approach.

Terence Yau.jpg

Terence Yau
Vice President,
Polycarbonates Commercial Operations,
Covestro Polymers China 


If you aspire to lead or believe that leadership is your destiny then IMPACTFUL LEADERSHIP will be your constant companion. You will be taken by the hand, step-by-step to every aspect of leadership that you must master to be effective...don't leave home without it!

Jill Jayson_quote.jpg

Jill Jayson
Award-Winning Playwright, Director, and Producer


The world urgently needs a new generation of leaders with the courage and confidence to stand up, speak up and step up to create positive impact for families, communities, organizations, nations and the planet. This book guides emerging leaders on how best to acquire the leadership capabilities required to address real-world opportunities and challenges, and to do so with impact.

Steve Hardacre
Transformational Coach and founder, Quantum World Consulting   

Only USD $ 25.00

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