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Leading Hybrid Teams for

Connection & Inclusion 

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Crack the Impact and Presence code with the CABI™ Model

Gina asked this question in the year 2000:  

How can anyone, regardless of gender, culture and personality develop authentic leadership, have impact and influence?

Assessing, observing, interviewing, coaching and training thousands of professional since then, the CABI model emerged.








CABI programs are a unique pathway to discover Authentic Leadership, Impact & Influence. "Crack the Impact & Presence code" with CABI™ workshops, the book and coaching.

We take complex leadership, confidence, courage, branding and curiosity concepts and "flip the script" to make it accessible, easy to understand and a bridge to discovering one's voice and realising leadership potential. 

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Imagine having resilience ...

“the capacity  to positively adapt to pressure, setbacks, challenges and change in order to achieve

 peak performance and well-being

… every day!

  • We are passionate about building resilient teams and organizations for the long-haul. 

  • Our Resilience workshops, webinars and coaching have enabled thousands of professionals and teams to BUILD resilience to survive, adapt and thrive.

  • We are thought leaders on Resilience. Since 2011, we have contributed to scientific research and impacted global norm groups. We test and challenge what Resilience is, how to measure and develop it. 

  • The Resilience Questionnaire™ provides an accurate snapshot of one's resilience profile. The report's development guide is packed with everyday actions to manage challenges, setbacks and change.

  • The resilience conversation is built into our leadership programs, change workshops and team coaching. 

  • We supervise a pool of certified Resilience Coaches. 

What Our Clients Say

“The course was very informative and inspiring. I have been facing many new challenges this year...I feel that it was the right timing for me to receive this training. This is just a beginning...I sometimes look at the notes taken from the training to recall some words of wisdom especially when I feel stressed. They really help me a lot!"

Female Vice President, Global Bank, "Unleash Your Career Potential" 

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Reflect - Review - Reinvent!

  • Female Leadership Pipeline Program  

  • Track-record since 2016 of positively shifting the diversity needle on Promotion, Engagement & Retention in APAC

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