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Coming Events

Coming Events

Catalyst Thrive Series
Survive & Adapt, Recover, Thrive & Grow 
March - July 2020

Survive & Adapt: Resilience Booster Series

Complimentary Webinars: 31st May or 8th April (1-1:50pm)

Workshop & Coaching Package*: 6th May (1-2:30pm)


Recover: Unleash Your Career Potential Series

Complimentary Webinar: 12th May (1-1:50pm)

Workshop & Coaching Package*: 20th May (1-2:30pm)


Thrive & Grow: Authentic Impact & Presence with CABI Series

Complimentary Webinars: 17th June/24th June (1-1:50pm)

Workshop & Coaching Package*:  8th July (1-2:30pm)

English Schools Foundation
West Island School, Parents

Key note speaker

"Boosting Resilience in times of Change Webinar"


AMCHAM Women of Influence (WOI) June -[S]hero  Guest 10 June 2020
-Career & Learning Workshop  

"Career & Learning Booster Workshop"

Past Events

Some of the past events include training workshops, speaker slots and panel discussions. Please check events page for upcoming events or sign up to our subscriber list below to get the latest news!

West Island School
Yr 13, 2020 Graduating Students
June - July 2020

"Thrive Series - 4 Boosting Resilience in Times of Change Webinars."

WIFA (Women in Finance Asia) Conference:
The Quest for Resilience Forum 
23 April 2020

Speaker: 1 Hour Expert Fireside Chat

Topic: "Resilience Expand: from Survival to Thriving in Times of Disruption"

Unison & Empower Foundation -
Thrive Program for Young Minority Hong Kong Females
16 January 2020


Topic: "Being Resilient Session"

Life Skills 4 You Professional Network (Beijing) 10 Jan 2020


Topic "Developing Resilience"

BNY Mellon IWD 2019 Luncheon

Celebrating International Women's Day 2019 with other female leaders to embrace workplace diversity and empowerment.

HKIHRM Annual Conference 2018

Symposium Speaker, Topic "Resilience and Impactful Leadership with CABI™" Shared the CABI™ story of many of her clients who have cracked the code to unlocking their leadership voice, being resilient and having positive impact.

Actuarial Society's People Managers Coaching & Mentoring Session June 2018

Session 1 covered the differences between Coaching vs Mentoring and the various benefits, skills and roles that come with both and focused on Mentoring in action.  
Session 2 briefly recapped the definition of Coaching & Mentoring as an enabler of talent and managing people and focus on Coaching skills. Participants also had the opportunity to put their own Coaching skills into practice during the session.

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