Being a Catalyst

Transforming Workplaces, Advocating Diversity & Inclusion,

Enabling Resilient & Impactful Leadership

Gina is guided by her purpose of "Being a Catalyst" and making a difference to a more diverse and inclusive world and broadly influencing resilient, impactful leadership in our communities. Gina contributes her time and expertise to professional and social projects with a direct focus on causes for Women, Students & Children. 

This is a simple extension of similar causes she supported in Southern Africa in the 1980s as a teenager, psychology and teaching student and in the 1990s as a professional trainer and change consultant.   

Being a Catalyst for Women

TWF Knowledge Partner & Mentor

Developing Resilience for Impact

Gina has partnered with TWF (the HK Women's Foundation) as a Knowledge Partner for over seven years providing pro-bono training to over 700 mentors and emerging female leaders. The capacity to develop everyday resilience directly impacts leadership, peak performance and well-being.

Gina is also a TWF Mentor, Panelist and Donor. 

Being a Catalyst for Students and Children


15 years as a Field & Internship Supervisor for  Organizational Psychology Students

Contributing to the Future of the L&D, HRD,

Coaching & Change Professions 

Catalyst has provided summer internships and term internships for 15 years to the only University in HK that has an established Organisational Psychology faculty. The Firm provides practical working experience, feedback coaching and exposure to Catalyst's L&D, talent, assessment and leadership programs. Gina is an appointed Psychology Field Supervisor and has mentored Undergraduates, Master and PhD Students many of those are now in managerial roles with MNCs and NGO's.  

Founding Member & Donor

New Day Asia for Women & Girls in Crisis

Gina has given time and monetary contributions for 12-years to projects across Asia to support women & girls in crisis. These include projects to stem human trafficking and funding education.